Sceye has created a new class of airship for the stratosphere. Operating at 65,000 ft — lower than satellites, and higher than aircraft and drones — Sceye airships are designed for long-endurance missions whilst holding an accurate position. 

Applying decades of expertise in advanced materials science, Sceye has developed airships made from a new, super-light and uniquely tough fabric, and powered by a clean, ultra-efficient solar energy system. The fleet will form a powerful platform for virtual infrastructure, each one capable of carrying a large payload of cameras, sensors, hyper-spectral imaging, radar, and communications equipment. 

Sceye was founded by an experienced team with a legacy of developing technologies for humanitarian projects, and its mission is to create a platform for good. Working with strategic partners, Sceye can provide high-speed wireless connectivity, and enable high-definition observation and sensing over entire regions for environmental scientists, public agencies and industry. 

Sceye airships offer a safe, efficient and versatile infrastructure layer that will help to connect and protect our world.

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SSV Launch - Oct 2019
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Sceye has created a new class of airship capable of flying the unchartered stratosphere, the boundary between our atmosphere and space. Our mission is to better connect and protect people and our planet.

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